2022 Desertification and Drought Day

2022 global observance of the Desertification and Drought Day will be hosted by the government of Spain. To learn more about this event and explore the ways to join the global campaign, share your story of drought resilience or feature your event on 17 June, please visit this page: https://bit.ly/DDDay2022

Drought is one of the most destructive natural disasters in terms of the loss of life, arising from impacts, such as widescale crop failure, wildfires and water stress. Exacerbated by land degradation and climate change, droughts are increasing in frequency and severity, up 29% since 2000, with 55 million people affected every year. By 2050, droughts may affect an estimated three-quarters of the world’s population. It’s a global and urgent issue. Droughts have always been a part of nature and the human experience but are now much worse largely due to human activity.Hardly any country is immune to drought, but all countries can prepare better to tackle drought effectively.Drought is daunting, as its effects on people’s lives and livelihoods are devastating. But through ingenuity, commitment and solidarity, it can be addressed successfully.Tools are available to assess drought risk. Solutions exist to ensure lives and livelihoods are no longer lost to drought.Everyone can participate in actions that increase our collective resilience because every action counts.Take action on this year’s Desertification and Drought Day and beyond. Action can be taken at all levels, from citizens, businesses, governments and UN partners, everyone can come on board and lend a helping hand to rise up from drought together.




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